Archery Contest Rules

Saturday of fair week– Start Time: 10:00 am - Registration begins at 9:30 am
Location: South end of Motor Arena

Sponsored by: Madison County Sportsmen’s Club

General Rules:

  1. All shooters will be providing their own equipment.
  2. No electronic rangefinders may be used.
  3. Shooters may enter as many times as we have time for.
  4.  Intermediates shoot will be $5 per round with a $25 payout to the winner.
  5.  Adult shoot will be $10 per round with a $100 payout to the winner.

Course of Fire Adults (17 years and up) and Intermediates (12-16 year olds)

1. Participants will shoot 6 stations, 2 different distances in a group of six shooters. A range officer will accompany the group, and will be stationed at each target to call arrows and score. ABSOLUTELY NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE 3-D COURSE.
2. Participants will shoot at near full-size silhouette animal targets at various unmarked distances of no more than 35 yards. Each shooter will have 30 seconds to shoot one arrow from each shooting ring.
3. Bows must be drawn only in the down range position and should never be elevated above the level of the target. Once at a shooting position, each participant may adjust his/her bow accordingly.
4. Scoring will be based on 10-point and 8-point scoring rings in the vital area (lung, liver, double-lung).
Arrows outside the scoring ring will receive 5 points. Arrows completely missing the target will be scored as a “0”.
5. Scorekeepers will make the final calls on arrow placement and mark score sheet in ink. Participants must agree with the final score and initial the score sheet. ALL SCORES ARE FINAL.
6. Arrows may be retrieved only after the group has finished shooting. Shooters will have a maximum of 5
minutes to look for and retrieve any lost arrows. The range officer accompanying the group shall remain at the target to prevent another group from firing before all participants have retrieved their arrows and are behind the firing line.
7. Exceptions to the above may be made at the discretion of the range officer for such incidents as equipment breakdowns, or variations in conditions of the walk-through course at the tournament site. Major breakdowns will end participation in this event, just as major breakdowns end hunting!

For more information contact Mike Murray 515-468-8031 after 4:00 pm or Jeff Honkomp 515-468-0510 (if Mike is not available)